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Seed&Spark Crowdfunding: 30 Days of Slammin'

Whew. Where to begin. After finding out we were approved by Seed&Spark, I found myself experiencing tunnel vision. I just want this movie to be made with minimal effort, damn it! Wouldn't that be great? So I walked the thin layer of snow this morning with bare feet, embracing all of the anxieties, fears, excitements, gleeful moments of success I could until my feet were nearly numb. I recollected every bit of my thoughts, then let them fall away. Like warming my frozen feet, I prepared myself to just START.

Be a director. Be a co-producer. A DP. An actor. Occasional lighting, sound capture, production assisting, physical hardships from every film set in the world. It's a job. It's a hard job, which nobody will tell you how much making a movie will end up being just like any other job you've had. But then, without warning, little moments will arise, emotional moments that teach you about the beauty of filmmaking. When you actually make a movie, the process is grueling, it's a grind. It's stressful and sometimes you just want to quit. When you can see it from the outside, see what's really contained within, how amazing it is to be contributing to this world of artists, fanatics, creators, dreamers, managers, accountants, producers, organizers, and do it successfully--to actually realize, "Shit, we're pulling this off." When you see it that way, you will find it possible to understand how important storytelling is in today's society.

Getting more involved in the cinema scene, I have discovered the overwhelming number of organizations that support filmmakers. Like, it's way more than I thought, because I thought there was maybe two? Crowdfunding sites? And there's a lot more, but Seed&Spark is for filmmakers. They wish to make this field more attainable to smaller groups of independent filmmakers. Because guess what? Hollywood is Hollywood. They have their market. Every beginning filmmaker is grossly put off from starting their own film because who will be their audience? We can't pitch to the Hollywood market, we can't even find a producer, etc etc. Mom and Dad, where you at?!!

There are 8 billion people on Earth. Even Hollywood can't compete with that. So here is Seed&Spark, swooping in like a brand new super hero, rescuing the idea of what it means to create. It's a huge pat on the back for us, because we are partnered with them. Until December 4. That means we're working like there's no tomorrow, inventorying and taking stock of the investment in film within our region (and beyond.) We're working to show that, most importantly, this kind of thing is possible. You can achieve your dream.

Your contribution can start at $1. At $10, you will receive your first gift. Higher than that and there's so much more to choose from.

Check out our list of incentives!:

NOTE: The arrows represent the inclusiveness of tiered contributions. So for example, if you donate $100, you not only get the ornament but will also receive a physical copy, early download, and recipe collection.

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