• Bittersweet: The Movie

Production is in full swing!

After a busy winter of booking talent, assembling our crew, and confirming our filming locations, our production of Bittersweet is underway! Here are a few stills from our raw footage thus far.

Filming began early February with some scenes featuring Rebecca and her fur-children! It is always a good day when you get to hang out with dogs, but these boys were the goodest of boys on set. We are all so in love with their presence on camera and it will add another layer to the images and the story! (And they worked hard but received lots of treats and belly rubs for their time.)

Production days 1 & 2 of Rebecca and the pups were low on dialogue, but full of visual representation of her solitude and underlying emotion.

Our first set day in Duluth, we held a spotlight on some of the great local businesses and they were so gracious to allow up to take over their businesses -- during open hours! We also added to our cast and brought our Alexa on set, played by the talented Henriette Soderlind! It was a great day to be an actor, Clara and Henriette obviously had a lot of fun hanging out.

First stop - Diamond Nails on Central Entrance for pedicures. (Yes, they actually got pedicures and they were AMAZING!) Everyone at Diamond Nails was so happy to have us and were so accommodating, not to mention their nail work is fantastic and they pedis were so so so good. HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who loves to treat themselves, to jet on over there for their nail needs!

Then it was off to the Boat Club Restaurant in the Fitger's Complex for our lunch scenes. Not only does the Boat Club have the BEST menu, but they have such an amazing aesthetic and literally the best view! Luckily, Jeff, Tami, and the Boat Club team are very film friendly and are big supporters of the film/tv industry -- we witnessed their excitement during the Catalyst Festival in October.

They were so welcoming of us filming in the restaurant -- during lunch, while they had events going on. It was just an absolutely amazing experience and these scenes are SO BEAUTIFUL. They're going to look so amazing in the film.

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