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Meet the Cast of Bittersweet!

With 200+ submissions, it is safe to say our casting director, Chandler Oja had his work cut our for him! There were so many great submissions and after a couple months and a second round of auditions, he narrowed it down and found our perfect cast.


Rebecca - Our protagonist and lead, a recent widow and soon-to-be mother struggling with the life transitions and the juxtaposition of grief and joy at this very overwhelming time in her life.

Since the age of 11, Clara Davies has been using writing as her primary creative outlet. As an actress, she’s decided to combine ambition and passion to create her own roles and stories, after seeing a limited number of great roles for women. Clara filmed her debut short as a writer/director of The Last Day of School, which is now available online. Bittersweet is her first feature screenplay to be in production, after spending several months developing a story and creating a lead character she would love to bring to life.

Mark - Fun loving husband of Rebecca, who tragically and suddenly lost his life, which is the catalyst for Rebecca's journey.

Alex Galick is a stage and screen actor with credits from Minnesota based productions CHRISTMAS INN FARMSTEAD, ONLY DANCE CAN SAVE US, AHOCKALYPSE, and the web series UTOPIA PLANITIA, and THEATER PEOPLE.

Alexa - The sweet younger sister of Rebecca and her best friend. Alexa plays a big part in helping Rebecca cope with her loss, while balancing her family obligations and a new relationship.

Henriette Soderlind is a Norwegian born actress who currently lives in Duluth, MN. Primarily a dancer, you may have seen her in various productions at the Norshor Theater (Spamalot, Wizard of Oz, Smokey Joes Cafe) and Christine Stoke and Andy Frye’s new production Dance TV (Janey). She has been seen in films by Battlemage Productions Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry (Penelope), and Lance T. Karasti’s Hyperdark (Margot) and Artificial (Sarah) as well as upcoming film Hel.

Kyle - Also grieving the loss of Mark, his best friend, Kyle struggles to maintain his friendships with Rebecca and Alexa.

Emmett Graham (he/him) began cultivating theatrical skills on the family farm, while singing and performing for audiences of dairy cows. He performs around the Twin Cities in everything from opera to improv, and works as a teaching artist with Stages Theatre.

Recent credits include: Ulysses in Lyric Art's "Flora & Ulysses", Troilus in "Troilus & Cressida" at the Phoenix Theatre, Annio with the Picnic Operetta's production of Mozart's "The Clemency of Tito", Puppeteer/Lonely Soul in Lakeshore Player's Balloonacy, and "Human Combat Chess". Emmett has a degree in theatre and music from the U of M Duluth.

Helen - The mother of Rebecca and Alexa, her intentions are always good but she can be slightly overbearing.

Jody Bee is a Twin Cities based actor doing theatre and film. She has also done a bit of directing, writing, and teaching yoga. She is a mother, which is part of the reason she was drawn to this heartfelt project. She is also excited to work with a female director. The future is female!

Steve - The perfect balance of comedy to any situation, a good spirited coping mechanism of raising two girls with Helen.

David Otto Simanek recently completed a starring role in a film called “The Hunter”, written and directed by Alexander Gutterman, now in post production. He also can be seen in the film “Soul Survivors – The True Story of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash”, written by Jared Cohn and Brian Perera, the film “Blur”, written by George D’Amato and Todd McGinnis.

As a stage actor, he has worked on many productions with lead and supporting roles, around the Twin Cities, including the Guthrie, Park Square, and Theatre in the Round.

Barb - Mark's mother, a loving Midwestern native, quiet and reserved.

Roberta Gibbons is a Minneapolis-based actor who has worked with Theater in Round, Sanguine Theater Company (NYC), Crane Theater, and numerous others including a few stints at the MN Fringe Festival. Favorite roles include Beatrice in A View from the Bridge, Mrs. Chevely in An Ideal Husband, and Attica in Alligator Summer. She recently completed the soon-to-be released short film Hand Me Down and has been featured in local and national commercial work.

Bob - Helen's high school sweetheart and Mark's down-to-Earth Midwestern dad.

Alex Terry is excited to be a part of Bittersweet. A father himself of both a girl and a boy, he can relate to Bob. He recently was a part of ‘Ghost Signs’, ‘A New Market’, and ‘Christmas Inn Farmstead’. Alex acquired his acting education at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

A native of Minnesota, Alex grew up in the Twin Cities. He spent two years of his childhood (8 years old to 10) living in England.

Tom - A friendly neighbor in Rebecca's rural neck of the woods.

Lawrence Lee is an actor/director living in Bayfield, Wisconsin. He most recently played Pseudolus in the Groundlings production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” in Washburn, Wisconsin. He is a Presbyterian minister who exploits his 15 years of improv experience in the pulpit every Sunday.

Julie - Mark's feisty cousin and the instigator of the family.

Alyson Enderle

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